Dr Minh Le Cong from PHARM answers MY questions in a podcast!!


A while back I emailed Minh from the Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Medicine Blog – PHARM a few questions seeking some advice and understanding…

Instead of just emailing me back, he dedicated an entire podcast to answering them!! How awesome!

So here is a link to the podcast where Minh discusses and explains the role of a retrieval Doc, the basics of retrieval medicine  career pathways, the role of ultrasonography in Pre-hospital and emergency medical care and why Ketamine has gotten its undeserved bad name.

Check it out:

PHARM Podcast 52: Q&A with listener feedback.


I should mention that Minh is unknowingly a personal hero of mine and his blog and podcasts are pure brilliance! I seriously recommend you have a quick read through PHARM if nothing else.


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