Mental Health in EMS – Its time to Professionalise and Specialise!


So anyway, sitting in a diner in a semi rural town pondering why Mental health issues- which make up an increasing amount of calls are barely touched upon in clinical/ theory education.

MH is such an important component of care and yet because we can’t see it the way we see a traumatic injury or trends in vitals, we have such difficulty assessing and treating anything besides the extreme ends; sedation for mania or relying upon life experience to help us verbally counsel.

Why don’t we have protocols or decision trees? or Formal Education in counselling ? why isnt the DSM-IV a chapter in every paramedical and nursing textbook?

Better yet, in the inner city with such high levels of Mental Health calls, why don’t we have dedicated teams / specially trained medics?
We can justify spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on Hazmat, CBRNE, HUSAR and other sub-specialties and yet these situations rarely arise, and even then are almost never encoutnered on a major level. But Mental Health issues, complaints, pathologies are dealt with on a daily basis! So why don’t we see part time dedicated MH care medics on the streets bringing a higher level of care to Pt.s

It’s time to professionalize and sub-specialize!

Happy ‘Straya Day & have a great week…



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