Tension Pneumothorax – whew that’s a lung-full!

Tension Pnuemothoracies are a personal favorite of mine. I’m not exactly sure as to why (thats not true, I know exactly why – I’m clearly weird as!) but I do love hearing about new advances in their diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

First off,
Chest Trauma = TnPX
(Tension Pneumothorax) until proven otherwise.

And now I’d like to refer to a few invaluable posts on the topic by the gods of trauma: 🙂

EmCrit‘s Scott Weingart on the emergent treatment of TnPx
In his 2 part podcast “Needle vs Knife”
Part 1 and Part 2

Scott discusses the data demonstrating the ineffectiveness of needle decompression for tension pneumothorax and rather suggests incision with scalpel and blunt digital dissection to relieve the TnPx.

Here’s a post by Chris Nickson (@precordial thump – I really do love his twitter name!) from LITFL featuring an interactive questionnaire and a review of Weingart and a few others as well as some great case studies and articles.

And if that wasn’t great enough, Nickson also has a page on “Owning the Chest Tube” – its a fantastic post featuring multiple techniques and products for the treatment of tension pneumothorax and associated pathologies.

And of course, to round it all off is this post (click here) on Resus.me discussing a few articles and studies.
As a side note, Dr Cliff Reid from resus.me is simply awesome.
There isn’t a single paramedic in ambulance NSW who doesn’t respect if not revere him.

And since there’s pretty much nothing I can do or say that is going to top that for the next few years, here are some pretty pictures!







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