Meeting THE ‘Paramedico’


A friend and mentor of mine recently introduced me to Benjamin Gilmour; Paramedic, celebrated Author, and Film-maker/Director of the Book and now Movie Paramedico as well as the award-wining movie ‘Son of a Lion’ (2008) and it’s book ‘Warrior Poets”.

Ben is an intriguing character, prone to an empathetic, considerate tone, sporadic silent musings and a relaxed, conversational attitude that makes him just an all round great guy to talk with.
I found the brief discussion we had fascinating! Topics ranging from the efficacy of Adrenaline in OHCA (Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest), The role of third party emergency agencies in supplementing EMS for OHCA, Retrieval Medicine, and of course, Ben’s specialty; International EMS.

Having read his book ‘Paramedico‘ TWICE! I must say that I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone, whether you have an interest in EMS, Emergency Medicine or travel, foreign cultures, politics, writing and literature in general or just enjoy a good read, i promise you will be caught up in the tales and tribulations of Ben on his travels.

To quote the book’s blurb: “[Paramedico is] A true and entertaining account of the paramedic author’s adventures working on ambulances around the world, from Mexico to South Africa, via Pakistan and Iceland.”
(I honestly didn’t want to give my own description because it truly wouldn’t do the book justice)

Check out the Book, Movie and movie Trailer here:

and Ben’s Own Website:

If you are thinking of buying Paramedico the book, which again, I Seriously suggest, then check it out on and get the Unabridged edition which has an extra chapter on Ben’s Stint in Hawai. (Check it out Here)

Cheers. 😀

[I Do not have any financial interests, arrangements or associations to disclose, the opinions presented are wholly my own, I do not claim responsibility or liability for any legal proceedings that may occur]


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