Show me the Evidence! – The NNT Strikes Again!


The NNT would have to be my all time #1 site when it comes to appraising the positive and negative statistical aspects of treatments in the EBM arena.

Here is a small quick-list of Emergency/Acute Care therapies straight from the awesome team at The NNT with their colour grading system included:

  • Thrombolytics for major Heart attack (STEMI):   [Page]
    • NNT = 43 against mortality, 
    • 2.3% saw benefit by being saved from death
    • 97.7% saw no benefit
    • 0.7% Harmed by Major bleeding within 6 Hours
    • 0.4% harmed by hemorrhagic stroke 
  • Immediate Aspirin for STEMI:  [Page]
    • NNT = 42 against Mortality
    • 2.3% benefit by being saved from death
    • 97.7 saw no benefit
    • 0.6 were harmed by minor bleeding event (anemia – did not require transfusion)
  • Mild Therapeutic Hypothermia for Nuero-protection after CPR:  [Page]
    • NNT = 6 against Mortality
    • 16% saw benefit by neurologically intact survival
    • 84% saw no benefit
    • 0% were harmed
  • Prophylactic antibiotics for simple hand Lacerations:  [Page]
    • NNT = N/A
    • 100% saw no benefit
    • An unknown number were harmed by sequellae.
  • Magnesium Sulphate IV during Asthma Attack [Page]
    • NNT = 3 for prevented hospital administration) 
    • 67% saw no benefit
    • 33.3% of severe asthmatics saw benefit by being prevented from administration to hospital
    • 0% were harmed
    • 100% of non-severe asthmatics received no benefits no harms from therapy.  


So, that’s just a few of Many reviews, all of which can be found at?
The NNT!

So check out the NNT at


Cheers 😀 


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