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We who were always overachievers. Who missed the dusk of our adolescence solving multiple-choice questions.

We who began our adult lives spending alternate days with corpses. Who carry bones in our bags and books that break our backs. Who spend the prime of our youth in the grime of wards. Who have already witnessed a lifetime’s share of deaths. Who learn about depression but fail to recognise it in ourselves.

We who have no definite college hours. Who don white coats even in the heat of May. Who are accustomed to the deadweight of stethoscopes around our necks. Who will pursue likely teachers for a lesson even into the night.

We who also study law, sociology, psychology, entomology, nutrition, sanitation and statistics. Who are always between exams. Who neglect the pursuit of our other passions. Who sometimes cancel our own vacations. Who covet amphetamines.

We who touch people slathered with…

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1 thought on “TO BEING DOCTORS-TO-BE

  1. akutdoktorn

    Sad story. The only time I left a party early was when I was in Germany studying for a microbiology exam I had to pass in order to be able to leave. I never studied that hard for any other exam. Can’t say I remember any more of microbiology than the other subjects. There are so many lessons to learn on our way to becoming great doctors. I hope medical students in your systems have the energy to reflect on all the patient encounters you experience. No patient ever asked about my grades from medical school. (Not that any of our exams were graded.)


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